U.S. Army's 6th Battalion 14th Artillery Regiment
Fort Sill - Fort Hood - Vietnam - Germany

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The 6/14 Arty is officially open but is still a work in progress. We hope that it will soon take form and someday proudly stand as a testament to the brave men of the 6th Battalion 14th Artillery Regiment.

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The 6/14

Whether you were with the 6/14 in the beginning or near the end,
or you were with another unit and worked along side a 'Redleg',
or you are a family member with a thought or memory of a loved one...
The 6/14 Arty is interested in your story.
You can write it down and mail it, you can type it up and e-mail it or you can
type it up as a word processor document and send it as an e-mail attachment.
Don't be the least hesitant, don't let a feeble hand or concern for spelling and grammar
keep you from telling 'your story' or the story of another; we all want to hear it... from you.

"It was the best of times,  it was the worst of times..."

A Dak Seang Story - by Frank DeLong

A Disco Called Labelle - by Mike "Crusoe" Robinson

Plei Djereng Rats - by Bill (Dickson) Hilton

Okinawa to Catecka: Some Memories - by Bob Lund

Ode to Kelly - by Rex Weaver

Ration Exchange - by Walt Smith

Siege of Ben Het - Special thanks to Ken Bailey
Newspaper clippings that cover the daily dramatic events
from June 23rd through July 11th, 1969

Welcome to Pleiku - by "Al" Dingman

The Ambush at Kontum - by "Al" Dingman

My Welcome to the 6/14 - by David Cotlow

Thanks for coming home... - from Patrick

Mail Call in Kabul - from SSgt Robert Ramon

A Tribute to a Soldier - from Kenneth Jones

Stop The Presses Brother!

The Lamerson Publishing website has packed up and moved.

The 6/14 Arty has been given the opportunity to host the webpage of our very own John Lamerson's incredible first hand accounting of the historic Siege of Ben Het in his "no holds barred" book The Phantom of Ben Het.
Do you think we would hesitate for even a second... Hell No!
We jumped at the chance to host his unforgettable saga of the Vietnam War.
We could not think of a better or more appropriate location to announce this than here on the Stories page.

But make no mistake about this eye opening book Brother, this is not a "story'"... It's History.

To kick off this momentous occasion John has an unbeatable offer that you should not pass up!
So Fly don't Walk over to the new bunker for Lamerson Publishing

Click the Book image below and faster than a UH-1H Slick (safer too), your there...
Phantom Book Jacket


This page is for retelling, revealing, and remembering events
from the past as well as the present.
So this is not only a 'what happened' page
but a 'what's happening' page as well. 

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